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Friday, December 17, 2010

Four Geeks to Rule Them All...umm, make that five

Fellow geeks, step into the Double Town Tavern, located in the enchanted land of Twin City, Georgia and rest your weary sword arms and sore feet.  Here you will be able to read the tales of our four five fearless adventurers as they struggle against mighty foes and try to piece together the mystery that surrounds them in a Forgotten Realm of fantasy.  I am the Dungeon Master, their guide, and your play by play man, along a cobblestone path where dangers lurk, and friends are few.  Come now, and I shall introduce the fateful four five.

Murook, a half-orc slayer by trade.  He aspires to hunt frogs in the swamp lands where he grew up.  A godless heathen, Murook strives for perfection of martial skill.  Delivering the killing blow is what drives Murook.  It is not yet known what value he assigns to the companions that travel with him.  Woe to any amphibians that cross his path.

Sonlinn, a genasi battlemind that enjoys shooting lightning from his fingertips and watching how the light dances off the stunned faces of his companions.  Sonlinn is adept at planning the battle, and watching it play out before him as he decides the next move.  Battle is nothing more than action and reaction to him.  Detached and aloof, Sonlinn directs his foes, while weakening them, towards his waiting companions.

Aelar, the stoic, tree-hugging forest protector.  Hailing from deep within the forests of the Dales, he strives to protect nature and the natural world.  Animals come when he calls, and do his bidding.  Some say its a mystical druidic power that allows him to command the beasts, but it has more to do with the pouch of Beggin Stripes at his waist.

Boucher De Chavel, a dwarf that knows how to handle a carving knife and cleaver.  His family were butchers and chefs in the high kingdoms of the ancient dwarves.  Boucher, gave up the butchery of food animals to focus on the butchery of his enemies.  He is in training to one day become a knight, in whatever kingdom he ends up serving.  For now, Boucher is content to uphold the lofty tenants of knighthood even without the formal title.  Boucher smashes his enemies in the name of Aumanator, the god of the sun.  Priestly work is never done and good things come to those that know how to carve away the crap.  (...Boucher has never done anything inappropriate to the boys.)

Mandlebrot, machinist, inventor, artificer, gnome.  His backpack obeys his commands.  His crossbow can be used as a flotation device.  And, whenever he's startled, he makes the weirdest wheezing sounds.  Mandlebot prefers to let his creations fight for him, but he is as fierce as a rabid bat when forced into action.  If you've ever seen a rabid bat in action then you know just how bad ass Mandlebrot can be.

Archellios, the dark elf.  He was smuggled out of the underdark on a trade caravan to the surface world.  Being the illegitimate, first born son of the first daughter of House Rytim, his future in the  underdark was not promising.  If ever found out, he would, undoubtedly end up as a sacrifice on the alter to Lady Lloth, the demon queen of the pit.  Fortunately for him, his mother is part of a secret society that follows the teachings of Eillistraee, the good drow goddess of music and swordplay.  Archellios has never known the underdark, and has little desire to learn about it. Learning the ways of magic is what drives Archellios.

These five adventurers embark on a perilous journey through the Forgotten Realms after a time of great turmoil has swept the land.  (read:  campaign set in the Forgotten Realms D&D, essentials, 4th edition rules.)

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